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Terms and Conditions

1                     EQUIPMENT, RENT & TERMS OF RENTAL AGREEMENT: The undersigned, as Lessee, hires from Melbourne Party Hire as Lessor, units  identified below

2                     DELIVERY: To the street address specified by Lessee (Customer). Lessee grants Lessor right to enter the property at the said address (‘Delivery Address’) for the delivery and subsequent pick up of the unit at the specified time, if an adult 18 years an over is not onsite to receive & sign for the delivery full fees and charges will apply. If the lessee is not onsite to receive delivery a re-delivery fee will apply, in the case where the lessor can not re-delivery there will be no refund.

3                     TRANSPORTATION EXPENSE: Except as provided herein, all charges in delivery and subsequent pick up of the unit with respect to the delivery Address are included in the Rental Fee invoiced. In the event that the unit is not returned as the appointed time by the lessee to lessor then a Transportation & Late Fee shall be charged.

4                     SAFE OPERATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Lessee acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understands the safe operation of the unit that is the subject of this rental agreement. Lessee agrees to observe all safety precautions. Lessee also represents and warrants the safe return of the unit and hereby agrees to pay the full price on the hired items, if it is not returned or damaged.

5                     MAINTENCE: Lessee agrees to keep the unit in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear expected.

6                     ALTERNATIONS AND ATTACHMENTS: No alteration in or attachments to the unit will be made without prior written approval of Lessor

7                     WARRANTY: Lessor warrants that the unit leased in this Rental Agreement will be in good working order on the effective date of the Rental Agreement. The Unit is supplied and maintained subject to this warranty. Lessors obligation under this Rental Agreement is limited to the repair or replacement of the unit when Lessor determines that it does not conform to this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or replacement of the unit when Lessor determines that it does not conform to this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied, and of any and all obligations and all of all liabilities on the part of the Lessor for damages, including, but not limited to, consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use of performance of the unit.

8                    DAMAGE: If the item is damaged during a hire the lessee must pay for all repair costs, or for replacement of the unit, if a unit needs repair due to damage by the lessee then the lessor may charge a hire fee until the item is returned in hired condition.

9                     TITLE TO: Lessee agrees to keep the equipment in his/her custody not to sublease, rent, sell, remove from delivery address or otherwise transfer such unit. The unit will remain the property of the Lessor and may be removed by Lessor at any time after the termination of this Rental Agreement.

10                     RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The lessee shall be in charge of the units operation, and is fully responsible for its operation as well as the return of the Unit in good working order. Lessor and its officers, employees and agents is/are not responsible for injury occurring to the Lessee or any other persons using the unit, and the Lessee further agrees to hold the Lessor and it officers, employees and agents from/against any costs incurred due to claims from anyone and for attorney’s fees and related costs involving the use and return of the unit, should legal action become necessary.

11                 ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The Rental Agreement constitutes the full agreement between Lessor and Lessee. Time is of the essence in this Rental Agreement. The receipt of the unit is the subject of this Rental Agreement is in good working order and repair and this is so acknowledges by Lessee.

12                 PAYMENT TERMS: Payment must be settled in full 7 days before delivery as per the terms on invoice any payment outside of these terms can result in late fees. If a third party has to be brought in to recover outstanding amounts all fees and charges will be at the cost of the lessee. If payment terms are breached we reserve the right to cancel your booking and full payment will still be due.

13                 SITE ACCESS: Adequate access to the site set up area is required example ramp/lift access or adequate size pathways to access the setup area if this is not provided delivery will be cancelled with full fees & charges applying.

14                 STAIR ACCESS: If units must be taken up stairs the customer must notify Melbourne Party Hire as fee and charges may apply.

15                 RAIN POLICY: During periods of severe weather conditions (ie rain, high winds, etc), we reserve the right to cancel your reservations if the customer can not provide adequate cover protecting the machine and the attendant your hire will be cancelled and no refund given.

16                 ATTENDANTS: Attendants must be set up away from any Dj’s or Bands, if your function will be held outdoors attendants must be set up under a marquee protected from sun & rain. If at any time an attendant feels threatened or in danger your hire will be cancelled and no refund will be given. All above terms must be complied with if the attendant feels our terms have not been meet your hire will be cancelled with no refund given.